OmniCopy V2.0

OmniCopy is a cloud clipboard service. It works together with your Dropbox account to sync your clipboard between all of your devices.

Story: I often work on two or more computers in parallel ... coding on one computer, researching on another computer, getting e-mail and facebook updates on my smartphone. Several times a day I come to the point where I just want to quickly copy some text from one device to another. Write an e-mail to myself? Done that. Often. But it is not convenient. Pressing "copy" on one computer and "paste" on the other? Much better!

Desktop App Download

Ubuntu Linux Version 2.0.5
Windows 7/8/10 Version 2.1.0

Mobile Apps

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
with iOS 9.0 +
Phone, Pad
with ANDROID 2.2 +

- Version 2.0 im Mac App Store
- Version 2.0 for Windows and Linux
- Version 2.0 out for iOS
- switched to Dropbox API V2