If you have unlisted questions, please contact: (enable java script to see the email adress)

Windows Version

I have a question!

Please write an email to the address mentioned above.

Linux Version

How do I install the debian packet?

There are several possibilities. The easiest method in Ubuntu is to doubleclick it and install it with the software-center.

Another way is via the console:
> sudo dpkg -i omnicopy_2.0.5-1_all.deb

OS X Version

Gatekeeper blocks OmniCopy. What should I do?

If you start the App with a double-click you will get a message from Gatekeeper.
I currently don't have an OSX-Dev-Account and therefore OmniCopy is not signed yet. You should move OmniCopy to your Programs folder and then start it the first time with a Right-Click (Control-Click) and press the "open" item. Then you can open the app with another click of a "open" button (which doesn't show up, when you launched the app with a doubleclick). After this procedure, you can start it just like you are used to.

iPhone / iPad / iPod touch Version

When is it available?

Out now in the App Store!


When is it available?

Out now on the Play Store. It is currently a free app with a small ad banner. A version without a banner will follow.

General Questions

What does Onmicopy do?

OmniCopy is a cloud clipboard that synchronizes via Dropbox.
And What does that really mean?
It means that, when you copy some text, this text will be uploaded to a file on your private Dropbox account. Only you have access to that file: "Dropbox/Apps/OmniCopy/Clipboard.txt". All of your devices then download that file and in this way your text is avaiable on all of your devices.

When I delete the clipboard list, why are there still elements in the list?

This is intentional behavior. The list is in fact cleared, but the clipboard itself is not. This way, the current clipboard of all connected devices is automatically uploaded again, resulting in a list with some entries. I think that that is a better behavior than deleting the clipboard on all connected devices, which would be the only chance to have an empty list.